A kind of cork fabric made of natural cork bark  is quite prevailing in the Europe and America.This kind of fabric can made of  Sofa,luggage, bags ,notebooks,hats,belts,keychain etc.  The fabric has natural and rustic appearance and  feels as smooth and refined as the silk and chamois. Being made of natural cork, the cork finish products are eco-friendly. Every cork products have distinctively beautiful natural cork patterns, moreover they are outstanding in waterproofness, scrub resistance, dirty resistance, wear resistance and environmentally-sound without any poison, which is of special affection to consumers seeking taste, personality, culture and fashion.     Xi’an Jesun Cork Co.Ltd is the mainly one that develops and manufactures this kind of fashionable cork fabric in China. It has passed SGS-EN73-1 and SGS-RoHs Quality Test Report. Moreover, we do not only produce this natural cork fabric but also develop many kinds of cork finish products like as bags, wallets, card holders, notebook… The specified designs and colors ar...
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