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We  mainly produces natural cork fabric. It is made of natural oak bark suitable for bags,sofa covering,shoes, wallcovering...A roll is 1.4meter wide and 50 meter long without joint. The cork fabric is waterproofness,dust resistance, wear resistance and environmentally-sound passed SGS-EN71-3. We also process heatproof ablative material for rocket covering. The shape is including flat surface, curve surface and  other special-shapes. The main component of this material is cork.  Product quality must be 100% up to standard in order to ensure absolute safety.  We also process flame retardant coating for parts of machine or tool by spraying too. The main products are high density flat ablative material, low density flat  ablative material, high density ellipsoid surface ablative material, other  special shapes . This product is non-standard ,so the technical specifications are customized according to the design and requirements of the customer.
Cell;0086 18220073378  Mail: zzcork@jscork.com.    jesun_abc@126.com  
Address:No.446, Youyi Xilu Road, Beilin District, Xi'an City, China
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